Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Projects by the Girls

Hi Everyone!

Today is My Girls' Valentine's Day parties at school.
They made their cards for their friends.  (I made them- they signed them!)

Avery was on the Valentine's Day Party Committee and it was her job to put together a "Guessing Jar" as one of the games.  
Here's what she came up with.

Yes- I made this too- but she was VERY particular with were the vinyl went, how the bow was tied, and how the burlap was cut.  She counted every single one of those candy hearts too- over 400!

Avery also made her Valentine's Box to take to school.
She decorated this one all by her self.

Mackenzie unfortunately made her box as school, so I haven't got see it yet.
I guess I'll have to wait until after school!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Like the guesing jar-cute idea! Avery did a fantastic job on her proejct. How pretty! I am sure MacKenzie's will be just as darling..Hope they had a great v-day! TFS!
    Sherrie K

  2. Great team work and very pretty projects:-)