Friday, January 20, 2012

Show Me Your Craftroom Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Show Me Your Craft Room Blog Hop!
If you just happened to stop by today, make sure you go to LLuvia's blog to start from the beginning (follow her instructions for a chance to win a fabulous prize!).
You will not want to miss a single stop.
Feast your eyes on all the crafty goodness- and hopefully pick up a new trick or two!

My Craft Room is in my basement.  It's kind of "dungeony" at times- but it's MY dungeon, and I like it!

I share the room with my 2 daughters, so we each have our own "station".  (I have 3 stations just for me!)

 This is the view when you walk in the room.  The couch is for Mr. Bling or whoever wants to come in and just hang out.
 Miss Cleo is a permanent fixture in the craft room!
 Storage of paper, ribbon, Cricut Cartridges, etc...
My computer, Expression, Imagine, and more storage!
Close up of Expression and Imagine stations.

And here's Cleo again- saying "Stop taking pictures and sit down.  I'm ready to get my Scrap On!"

The above pictures are a representation of my craft room-- because if you ever came to my craft room- you would NEVER see it this clean!!  LOL!

I have some Blog Candy to give away too!  Just leave a comment below for your chance to win a Grab Bag of Crafty Goodness!!  
(Which means I cleaned my craft room and found some awesomeness with YOUR name on it!)
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Very lovely room! amazing 3 stations. :D

  2. I just love how you have Cricut stations. We all clean our rooms and then take pics. I love your space, thanks for sharing.

    The Determined Scrapper

  3. love the space you have and a table for each of you! love your shelves!! cute scrapping pal!

  4. Oh so clean and tidy!! lol it is hard to keep it clean when the creating starts! Love that you all have your own crafting stations!! Great craft room! TFS :)

    phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

  5. I wish I had space for 3 stations!!! Awesome room. Compleatly in awe!!!

  6. Awesome room!!!!
    am a new follower!!

  7. What a perfect craft room! It is so cool that you have room to have friends over. I see you also have cat companion who loves your craft room. Miss Cleo is adorable. My cat Kit Kat loves to hang out in my craft room too. TFS

  8. Awesome room.. looks very organized.. and man you have a lot of Cricuts.. *jealous* lol :D

  9. I love how Miss Cleo "oversees" your craft space! What a nice, furry companion. Very organized room. TFS!

  10. i am sooooo jealous of all the space you have. to bad we don't have a basement or that's where i'd be for sure. i'm a follower.
    littlen44 at gmail dot com

  11. love the diclaimer!
    put away right away

  12. Love your craft room!!! Love all you have in there too!!!
    Thank you

    I am your follower, please follow me

    Gaby B

  13. Love your room, your cat and your Disclaimer. Too funny.

  14. Thanks for sharing & for cleaning it up before taking pics!

  15. I love your room. My daughter and I are making plans for a room also. She is making big plans for it. I hope she leaves me some room. LOL

  16. Love your craft space, very spacious and room enough for friends!!

    mzcherub at gmail dot com

  17. WOW! I love your cutting stations! I'm envious of your space!!
    New follower. My favorite tip? Put things away when you're done with them. No sense in needing to clean before you start the next time!
    erinrbullock at hotmail dot com

  18. love your stations.great blog how clean it is and organized.tfs

  19. Your space is awesome! very clean and organized! Thankyou for participating in my blog! :)

  20. You have a nice big space. I love all the work space. Awesome. New follower. Blessing, Linda

  21. Love that you have a space for each of your girls to scrap with you, the family that scraps together, stays together! I saw your Memory Bound flyer, I'm sure your girls love shopping with you too. :)) It's great being in the hop with you. Dana

  22. I am still laughing at your DISCLAIMER...too funny! Your craft room is wonderful..LOVE the LONG tables for everyone to have their "SPACE". How old are the girls? GREAT idea painting the walls bright white, so crisp & clean! Just love the kitty pics as well.
    My favorite organizing tip from my craft room is my use of the page protectors hanging on the rod. I now know I have lots of embellishments that I never knew I had!!! LOL
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring, it's been great to have been able to share this hop with so many talented, organized crafters!
    Now a new follower,
    Creative Wishes,

    1. me and My sister are twins and we are 100 (all most 11)

      - her daughter Mackenzie Roberta Kraling :)

  23. Wow! Three work stations, love this room!!!!

    mvasquez69 at aol dot com

  24. I have two daughters who I wish would scrap with me..They have some in the past but they just aren't as addicted as I am so since I know they can do it they are left to record their history and I will work on my grandsons..:)
    I love your white walls and all of your stations..even the sofa! Well, you have to take a break once in a while and why not do it in comfort right>?
    Thanks for sharing!

  25. What a wonderful creative space, so many nooks and creative places and storage. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Love your space!

  27. LOL! I love your disclaimer! Mine wouldn't be that clean either!! LOL My tip is to be sure you label everything. That way it's easier to find and put away! TFS! I am a follower and would be honored if you would check out my blog and do the same at ACreativeJourneywithMelissa.blogspot dot com. Have a great weekend!

  28. You may call your place a dungeon but it is a nice dungeon and your own space to get your craft on! love it! and I love the fact you have a station for your daughters to share with you too. I love your kitty too...cute! does Cleo have paw prints made too? love the disclaimer may have to use it for my space as well...hehe...TFS! :)

  29. Your not alone,LOL. I know my area is always a great mess. I thinkit is the sign of a true creator, ha, ha.
    Loving Scrapper 101

  30. Does that make 5 Cricuts Woww I have 3 and I thought I was bad you totally have me beat LOL I love it!! TFS your Awesome Room I am a new follower I hope you can stop by mine when you get a chance!!


  31. Awesome! Love the setup and that you share in the craftiness with your family, including the cat.

  32. I love your room. Also it's great that you share your space with your girls. I think if we don't get anything out of this hop we atleast have really clean scrap rooms. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

  33. Great space and disclaimer. It must be so nice to scrap with your daughters, tfs...Kim (

  34. LOve your space! My room never stays clean either! By the way Micheals stores have some new boxes and stuff that say A Little Bit of Bling! TFS CallyAnn

  35. aww! I am so envious of Cleo, she at least get to have visual treat of all the crafty stuff every day :)

  36. WOW so super clean -- and I loved your disclaimer most of all!! I am a big messy crafter and crafting tends to spill over to all rooms of the house except maybe the bathroom!!

    Cheers from Bangalore, India

  37. What a fabulous room! I'd love to come and play for a day! Looks like the room is very well organized, unlike mine. Can't see the floor...

    Miss Cleo is lovely!


  38. I love the way you have your room set up and I love your little helper!


  39. Cleo is fabulous! The space you have is amazing, all the tables with your machines, great!! LOVE IT!

  40. OH MY!!!! What an amazing room...and to be able to share it with your daughters... What a close knit family you must have...Keep the tradition going...

    Thank you for sharing it with me...


  41. Julie, I love your room and the 3 stations. My room is never clean, well maybe for the 5 minutes before my 2 BFFs arrive. LOL I love your cat wanting to be in the middle of the hubbub too. LOL My parrot has to be in my room with me too. tfs Tami

    Tambos Creations!

  42. I SO love that you have individual space for your daughters. That is such a special time I am sure! New follower and will be checking back in with you soon. Cleo is adorable and I am sure a big help to you!! The disclaimer is hillarious...I will have to remember that one!! Thanks for the chance to win the grab bag - I love surprises!!!

  43. First you are a hoot ..that kitty is cool and how awesome to have three work areas your space! I have a wire curtain that I hang all my embellies on that you might consider hanging above the work area. It's easy to install and awesome way to find cool stuff quickly.
    Thank you for the hop and look at your space.
    Cheers ~ Scrappy Val

  44. Great room! And don't worry all scrapers/ crafters know our spaces rarely are/ stay clean lol i love the set up that you have to craft with your girls! My tip is using photo boxes to sort various items out. Thank you for sharing!
    Chris.kim33 at yahoo dot com

  45. Fun space!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks like you can have a crop party!!!!!! i like all the stations!!! TFS Great being in the HOP with you!!!

  46. I love the fact that you are able to craft with your daughters and that you each have a space. How fun! I love it! Maybe one day my girls will grow up to join me in my room too. Thank you so much for allowing us to invade your space. Be blessed.


  47. I want ur craft room! And your little cat too. LOL.

    Be blessed, Beckie

  48. Wow! I wish I had a room this lucky girl! How fun that you share it with your girls...awesome!