Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Something Different

Hi Everyone!

I was in my new craft room feeling very inspired the other night when I pick up a canvas print a light bulb went off in the 'ol brain.

"I want to paint, and stamp, and use paper, and ribbon, and glue" I thought.

And before I knew it, I had taken an old canvas and turned it into this!

I will admit- the paper (with the house and birds) is DCWV paper.  I did some piecing and did paint and stamp on it- but the beautiful watercolor effect was manufactured (but I won't tell if you don't!)

The flowers were made with canvas paper and 3 Girl JAM Ribbon and painted with Creative Inspiration Paints.  The centers of the flowers have some gorgeous Pinque Peacock embellishments.
I printed out some words and inked and glued them down. And the rest is history.

I love getting my fingers inky and full of paint and glue.

I think I found a new love!


  1. This is fantastic, Julie! I love CI paints, too. You'll find yourself reaching for them all the time. Love those ribbon flowers.

  2. Your canvas is awesome! Love all those flowers and the colours your used.
    I just made my first Miced Media canvas last weekend and can't wait to have some free time to create again! I don't care if it turns out or not or if nobody but me likes it, what a great experience just to create it!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely work :)