Monday, February 7, 2011

Craft Room Clock

I "blinged" up my $4.00 clock today.  It turned out really cute.
I used the Graphically Speaking cartridge to cut the jumbled "Time" and Gelly Roll dotted the numbers.  Each number also got I-Rocked.  Love the I-Rock!
My new clock hangs in my craft room so now I have no excuse to lose track of time!


  1. great project! Did you use vinyl for this?

  2. Heather- I used plain black cardstock for the jumbled "Time". Everything else was done directly on the face of the clock.

  3. LOL Julie,

    I thought I was the only one who loses track of time when I'm in the creative mood. I decided to crafty for a little bit on evening after work & I just couldn't stop. I kept saying to myself after this I'm going to bed. Then after this.... And I kept thinking it's probably getting late I should get to bed-gotta get up for work in the morning.

    Well as I have no clock in my crafty room, but the time I finally pulled myself away from my crafty desk-it was 5:30 am. Oh crap no sleep for me...

    I'm off to get me a cheapo clock to bling up. Thanks for the idea....LOL now I won't lose my much needed beauty sleep ever again.

    Happy Blogging,