Monday, February 21, 2011

First attempt with Vinyl

I got a new cartridge this weekend called Car Decals.  (I fell in love with the little cricut on the front.)

I placed an order with  I love this site!  This is the third time I have ordered from them.  Everything is very affordable and it is shipped out very fast!  I ordered on Thursday and received it Saturday!  Along with the cartridge, I ordered some white vinyl.  (I also found transfer tape yesterday at Target, on clearance for $4.00!)  This was my first attempt with the vinyl, and it was surprisingly easy.  I followed the instructions and cut at a blade depth of 6 and pressure of 2- this way it cuts through the vinyl but keeps the backing intact.

I cut this little guy at 4". 
Unfortunately it's too cold outside to put him on my car, so as soon as it warms up-
he's going out with the rest of the family!


  1. Hmmmmm....I have that cart but never used it. I do a lot of car vinyl, come on by and visit my blog to check out my car vinyl work! Thanks for the idea!!! Bug Hugs.

  2. Hi :)Please stop by my blog, I am awarding you with a Liebster Blog Award! I enjoy seeing all of your projects and would like to give this award to you! Thanks for following my new blog and for all the wonderful comments :)