Monday, April 11, 2011

An Award and Something for YOU!

 What a wonderful award and such a gracious friend to share it with me.  Thanks  Diana!  I really appreciate you visiting my blog as well as thinking enough of this blog to pass it on.  Please make sure you stop by her blog and show her some love.

I love to receive these blog awards and be recognized for the things that I do, but I really love to recognize other crafters and bloggers for the things that they do.  

I have had an idea since I made my blog button.....

I see all of these new blogs out here that are wonderful-- and I want everyone to see them (just like I'd like everyone to see mine!).

I've noticed that everyone displays the "big blog names" buttons on their sidebars - I have had them too-- (you know- the same 4 or 5 that you see everywhere- almost to the point that you don't even see them anymore.) 

My new goal is to recognize the "little" or "new" bloggers who have worked so hard to make their little corner of the cyber world a thing of beauty. (And by little or new, I mean those of us under 1000 followers.  LOL!)

So....every week, you will see a new set of Blog Buttons or Blinkies on the left sidebar of my blog.
Please take time to stop by each of their blogs and tell them how wonderful they are.  If you don't have a button/blinkie I'll still recognize you- it will just be in a different way!  :)

And- if you'd like me to put yours up (before I do)- please let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congrats Julie! Your blog really is one of Beauty! That is a fabulous idea to give a shout out to different blogs each week! There are so many deserving blogs out there just waiting to get discovered! Your so sweet! I'll be sure to check them out!

  2. Thank you it sounds great...i do know what you mean the same buttons everywhere...i'm getting my blog uplifted soon so hopefully i'll have a nice button to

  3. Thanks! I know how you mean about the same buttons :) You are such a sweetheart!

  4. Julie, this is a great thing you are doing for our new fellow bloggers. I know what your mean with the same buttons on every blog. I, too, have been thinking about redoing my sidebar. This is really nice of you! Thanks for doing this and helping those get up and going.

  5. What a great idea! This is how I handle my awards...out to the "little guy" who doesn't get a lot of traffic. I try to do under 300. To me thats BIG ......:-)
    Stop by my little piece of cyberspace someday! Oh....I'm passing through via Linking Up Party and am a new follower.

  6. Hey Julie... you are so sweet. It was fun seeing my Wahoo button on your blog! What a great idea! You are on my Blog Buddy list, too!!!

  7. Hi there! I am a new follower of your blog through the Love Link Up Party. Gonna go "lurk" now. Please stop by my blog and become a follower:

    Deanne :)

  8. Hi Julie,
    What a great idea! I know that just seeing someone stop by your blog and post a note saying how they like what you have done, makes me feel something special. You know your family will say something nice but someone you have never met saying something nice really feels good. Thanks again

  9. "Momo Sent Me"... Just poppin' in to say "Hi"... and take a look around. My first time here and a new follower... *Ü*. I'm looking forward to visiting with you often.
    **Lots of Hugs**
    P.S. I ♥ your creativity... *Ü*!

  10. I agree! thats very sweet of you! I will be sure to check out <---- THOSE BLOGS lol
    alot of people out thier with amazing talent!

  11. I found your blog through Make it Monday linky party and I think it's very sweet of you to change up your side bar. I'm a new blogger (I feel honored to have my 3 followers) just recently getting into the swing of things and I'd love to have you pop by and peek at my few meager posts.

    Actually, your all invited! :)

    Thanks so much for inspiring me to do the same for the little blogs. I'll be sure to start doing this next week too. I can't wait to check out those you have listed. With all this beautiful paper art, I feel like I've finally found a long lost family.

    Hugs, Patricia

  12. Julie, this is wonderful what you are doing for the newer Blogs. A good way to get them out there. Someday, maybe mine will be By the way, how do you get a Blinky. I am sure if I hunted around long enough I would figure it out...that's how I do Thanks again. I love my new Blog Friends.