Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011- My Girlies

Hi Everyone!

Halloween 2011 is almost over.

So long are the days when my girlies dressed us as Princesses and Unicorns.

Or even Witches (Good and Evil)

This year the 10 year old girls dressed as Zomies and Vampires (or at least the Bride of Dracula!)
I was very impressed with how the girls made their own costumes this year!  Mackenzie made her own skirt and veil (I helped with the flowers and the flowers on her shirt).  Avery cut up her clothes and helped with the blood stains.  If you did not know- Fire Brick Red Distress re-inker and Alcohol Ink in Ginger, make very realistic looking blood stains!  (Just in case you need to make blood stains- YUCK!)
Her serious (and evil vampiress side)

No more candy for me tonight!  I'm headed for a total sugar coma any minute!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your girls are adorable in a spooky halloween way :)
    They are super adorable un halloweened!!
    Thanks for sharing some pictures and hope they had a fun night!!

  2. Glad they had fun making costumes! It's so nice to see kids having a creative outlet... even if it is a little creepy it's still lots of fun ;)

  3. Your girls are adorable! I hope they had a fun night! Thanks for sharing...
    Sherrie K