Friday, October 28, 2011

It's all about Catitude Blog Hop

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the It's All About Catitude Blog Hop!!

If you happened to just drop by today (Thank you!), make sure you stop by  Barbara's blog at to start the Hop from the beginning!

I love my cats- all 3 of them.

Here is Odin (tan), Freya (calico), and Cleo (black).

I don't really have a favorite...
Okay- maybe I do.... What can I say- she likes to craft with me!

The purpose of today's Hop is to celebrate National Cat Day and recognize our Fabulous Feline Friends!

Odin and Freya were farm kitties (who probably wouldn't have made it very long if I hadn't adopted them) and Cleo was adopted from a local animal shelter.

This image reminds me of Odin.
I have had him since he was 6 weeks old.  He is almost 14 years old!
I've had Freya since she was 8 weeks old- her and Odin are litter mates!
Miss Cleo is 1 year old.  I have had her since she was 8 weeks old.

One lucky follower will win some blog candy!!
(Which will be an assortment of Bling!)
All you have to do is tell me what you have for a pet
and what it's name is! will choose a winner who will be announced on Monday!
Make sure you check out Barbara's blog- she has an awesome Grand Prize!!

Your next stop is Lynda!

Thanks for stopping by!

Here's the full line up in case you get lost:

1. Barbara B.
2. Crafty and Green (Tina) -
3. Haidee
4. Janet S
5. Vicki
6. Linda T
7. Lisa
8. Jamie
9. Gill
10. Princess Penelope.
11. Gina
12.  Inga
13. Vicki R -
14.  Yvette L.
15.  Wendy T.
16.  Julie K-
17 Lynda B.
18. Shannon M. -


  1. very cute card. tfs. i have a dog named mojito.

  2. Love the card. The cat image is so cute. I live with 6 cats, the one that is mine is named Spike.

    vwilson577 at

  3. I love the card, reminds me of my moms cat Dusty. Like the paw print details. I have a kitty scrapping assisant named Tagger, and a Collie named Fox. Thank you for sharing, and the chance to win.

  4. That card is adorable! I just love it. So bright and cheerful. I have two cats, Lucy and Jennyanydots. Jenny loves to craft with me . . . or to just lay all over my stuff and purr. I also have four dogs. They rarely enter the crafting area unless they hear the rustling of plastic wrap coming off an embellishment . . . in which they are usually disappointed that there is no food involved.
    - Debbie

  5. Julie, I love the colors of your card!!

    Buddy, Australian Shepherd is my "husband's" dog and Maggie, Pit Bull, is my lapdog!!! yes, all 65 pounds of her!!

    saetterman at aol dot com

  6. Oh how cool... I love your card... I love the brightness of it. We had adopted a dog from our shelter, but she has since been put down. Her name was Princess. We now have hermit crabs and fish...our hermit crab names are Tipsy Turvy and Little Funny (nickname: backup); we gave him that name because when he walks always goes backwards. The fishes name is Shimmer "Shimmy" is short name. We're thinking of getting a puppy; our son has a name already picked out "Cricut".


  7. luv the card.. we have 2 cats..Duchess (name fits her..2-funny)... Bigfoot(came for visits, Hubby kept feedin her so stayed)

  8. Awww, I miss my kitties. But I'm definitely NOT lonely! I have 7 dogs...3 Chihuahuas (Tiki, Chester & Mimi), a golden retriever (Sammy), 2 boxer/golden retriever mixes (Satchmo & Lucy), and a boxer/chocolate lab mix (Buca). And ALL of them like to squeeze in my little craft room with me whenever they can sneak their way in there! It's always more fun crafting with "friends".

  9. so cute...great project TFS!!!!


  10. Very cute card,, I have an orange maine coon cat named Henry,a Himalayan named Miss Turtle and a black and white cat named Mon Petit Ami...I also have brother and sister Maltese dogs Jake and Abby :) lindaplusthree at yahoo dot com

  11. Love your helpers.
    I have a tiny chihuahua name Sadie, water turtle name Tomi and ball python snake name Sniper
    love my animals

  12. Super cute Kitties and love your card! I have a huge 90lb+ lab. She thinks she is little and tries to sit in my lap. She always lays in my craft room at my feet and I have tripped over her many times! Her name is Kimber.

  13. Cute cats and card!! Love it!

    I am your new follower, could u please stop by my blog, follow me and leave a comment in my blog hop today and tomorrow for Creative Kuts!!

    Thank you

  14. Julie,
    What precious and helpful kitties. They are just so adorable! I love the card. Very very cute! Thanks for participating in the hop.

    Barbara B.

  15. Love your card That image is way too cute. Very nice group of Kitties. great photos! TFS
    Big Blog Hugs, Janet

  16. your card is adorable, love the image. 3 are a lucky lady - I have two dogs, Jazzy and Mickey, but kitty has his own special personality and loves to be picked up and given a


  17. I love your card and your kitty's are super cute! I have a little Dilly Kitty and an Elle Dog. I love them both dearly!

  18. I have 3 aussie dogs,Speckles,Steve,Katie,My son has a turtle he name Turtle-fish when he was 5 ,he's 16 now.I am a follower.joydee1963 at yahoo dot com

  19. Cleo is beautiful!! My boyfriend has two cats, Boober and Gabby, I am hoping to add my own kitty to the family this weekend, Going to start searching for my purrfect fit!! and check out the rescue groups to see If I can find him or her. love the blog and your card is ADORABLE!! THANKS!! loving this blog hop, I have never done one before.

  20. What cute cats!! just love your card! I have a Maltese named Rico thats my baby, then My youngest son Evan has a bata fish. The fish is nameless :)

  21. Day 2,,, My cats think everyday is National Cat Day lol :) lindaplusthree at yahoo dot com

  22. Very cute stamp ... nice job


  23. Oh Julie! This is great. First off, love your card, that is the cutest Cat. You know how I feel about our Furry friends. We are now blessed with eight cats. I will have to check out this Blog Hop and hopefully join in.

    Have a Purr'fect day!

    Dee B

  24. oops! Forgot to tell you names of my Cats. In order as we brought them into our home.
    Lili-kat, Gus, Max, Tux, Momma(Sadie) and her three kittens(6 mos), Buster Boy, Scoopy-girl and Princess. The last two names are still up in the air...long story.

    Happy National Cat Day everyone.

    Dee B

  25. Love your cat photo.Great card.I am a follower.joydee1963 at yahoo dot com

  26. love your cat pics... i have three cats "Izzy, Simba and Sheeba" and a princess poodle "Trixy" who thinks she is a

  27. look at those lazy babies :) so sweet

  28. Oh I love your kitty's!! I used to have a cat named pipi but now I have chickens :)
    We really dont have names for them it would be to hard to remember the names of 13 chickens!
    TFS your adorable card!!

  29. AW i love your kitties and you have a black one like mine too. THanks for sharing your photos and your card is lovely.

  30. kitties are soo funny when they climb all over your stuff, yours are no exception..very cute!!! Also very cute card, love the cat image!!!
    Puppy Hugs,