Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fathers Day #3

Hi Everyone!
Today is a Father's day card for my husband's Dad.

Steve is a pretty traditional man so when I saw the fishing boy and his dog-it made me think of him.  Steve's black lab that he's had for years recently passed away.  This dog was everything to the man so the local (small town) vet's office had another black lab that they gave to him. 
The dog's name:  Peaches
If you knew Steve you would find this as hilarious as I do!
Peaches loves Steve and Steve loves Peaches.
And they lived happily ever after......

Happy Father's Day Steve!


  1. what a beautiful card Julie!!

  2. Beautiful card, love the story it tells.


  3. LOL...what a funny story. Love this card. Gorgeous image! Happy Father's Day to dear Steve!
    Jessica S

  4. What a beautiful, serene card Julie! I love that silhouette and the sentiment looks wonderful in white ink. Great story...I love happy endings ♥