Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy June 1st!

Happy June 1st!!
No more homework, no more books...
No more teacher's dirty looks!
HaHa.  That's what my kids were singing (last week already) when they got out of school for the Summer!
We have one last Graduation to attend this weekend for my sweet niece Lorretta.  (Soon enough it will be my own kids!)
High School graduation is a time of big dreams and goals- and Lorretta has them!

I made a Memory Book mini album as a gift for Lorretta so she can keep photos, and other things that are important to her, close at hand when she goes off to college.

Front cover

page 1
page 2


back side of page 3

 Each "page" is actually an envelope that can hold keepsakes.
There are 10 pages that are bound together with a spiral ring binding.

I also made her Graduation card.
It is my day to post on the Pink By Design site, so please stop by for the details on this card.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Yippee for summer! My Girls have been out only a few days and I am already hearing "We are bored to death!" LOL

    Adorable memory book and love the card! She is sure to love these!

  2. Awesome book Julie!! We still have 3 more weeks of school here...but that is ok!! More free time uninterrupted to craft for me :)

  3. Yup, we still have about 3 weeks of school left, but I'm doing the count down!!! I love your mini album!!! Its turned out amazing. I so need to get myself a binding thingy.

  4. Awesome gift idea for a grad. Love the mini and that card is so super cute. Great job! I am sure it will get a lot of use! Is that an old viewfinder cut?

  5. Oh my gosh! This is just adorable! I love love love the album and your card is perfect! She's going to absolutely love it!

  6. what a nice album. I am sure she will love it and super card.