Friday, September 7, 2012

Grandma Rocks!

Hi Everyone!

In honor of Grand Parents Day I made this card for my Mother.

My daughters spent a lot of time with Grandma this Summer.
Mom was thrilled to have them, the girls were excited to be with Grandma, and I was over the top happy to have them gone spending so much time with someone who loves them so much.

I have learned to not ask for too many details whenever they come home from a visit with my Mother.  I've made that mistake and it won't happen again!
TMI is all I can say! 
The only problem I have with their visits is when they come home.  Not because I would rather have them gone- but because when they return home-
they are horribly lazy!
I don't know what my Mother does to them all day (remember I don't ask!), but man!- they're so lazy they would make a rock look like a party animal!
I asked them once, "Do you lay around like this at Grandma's and expect her to wait on you?"
Their answer, in unison, almost scared like- a definite, "NO".

  My Mom will like this.  She'll understand.  

Treat your Grandparents and Parents this weekend!
Have a good one.
Supplies used:
Echo Park paper
Claudine Hellmuth chipboard telephone and rubons
Pink by Design Sentiment: Grandparents

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  1. This is too Cute Adorable!!Sweet Sentiment!

  2. LOVE it! So true, so true. lol.

    Be blessed, Beckie

  3. Well us grandmas have to have some secrets! lol Love the card!!

    Precious Hugs