Wednesday, May 4, 2011

E2 out of the Box and First Project

Hi Everyone!  My E2 came and I am very excited!!
Here is my very first project...

My Daughters want you to see the E2!!


  1. Congrats Julie, I'll come back later and watch the video.
    Aren't those cricut heads cute?

  2. Hi Julie, just stopped by to say HI. Congrats on your new toy and I see you have an assistant too. Talk to you soon. Traci

  3. YYYYAAAYYY Julie! I loved the video! Your girls are so funny! I had a huge smile and was laughing several times when they were making their comments! Thanks for sharing this exciting reveal! I'm so sad we are not getting an E2 but I have an E and and Imagine and my craft space is already getting very crowded! I may be able to live without it! I love the card! Have fun playing with your new toy!!

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  5. How jealous! :o) I have an award for you...visit my blog to check out the details:


  6. That was cute with your girls doing the "unveiling". Loved how the cat had to get in the box, though....just like mine did. They are so funny, aren't they???

  7. I loved watching your girls open the Cricut! Thanks for posting that! Congratulations on your new Cricut! The video was awesome!