Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stealing Mom's Blog

Hi! I'm Avery, and I'm stealing my mom's blog.
Our basement started off as a storage room, then a big blanket fort for me and my sister, and then my mom bought us each a Cricut and we didn't want to keep them on the kitchen table so we turned the big blanket fort into a crafty fort!
My mom spent 2 hours cleaning the craft room today and as soon as she was done, I went right down there and messified it up!

I made this birdie in the cage card.
So here's how I made it:
I used my baby bug.  My mat was disgusting so I used my sisters mat (she's good for something)!
The frame is from Cricut Lite Live Simply cartridge.
The bird and cage are from Cricut Lite Chore Chart.  Yea!! I was the first one in my family to use THIS cartridge.  I LOVE GOOGLEY EYES!!!
Then I touched it up with some do dads and stamps and snapped a picture so I could show the world! my mom.

  Thanks for looking!

This was an honor to do this!  Thanks Mom!
Peace-out  I'm tired.


  1. This is a sweet card!Super job with it,I love the little bird.Too CUTE!! :)

  2. Thank you Julie! Ugg! Here I go again! ugs! Dina

  3. Very cute card. I love googly eyes, too.

  4. This is so cute Avery! The googlie eye is a very nice touch on the bird! Try baby wipes on your mat. It helps keep the crusties off! TFS!

  5. Hi Sweet Avery! You did a great job with your card. I'm so proud of you!! Did you have a little help with your post? Huh!?!

  6. I missed your card the other day when I commented on your sisters. I love this card and love googley eyes too. You are as talented as your mom & sister. You also sound like my 3 daughters...oh the memories. Have fun. Great job!

  7. Looks great Avery! I LOVE the little bird and his googley eye. We hope you';; 'steal' the blog again OR you and your sister could branch off and begin your own! Creative blessings, Brynn (