Monday, July 25, 2011

What Brings You Joy?

Hi Everyone!

This week is really busy at work!  Here's what I'll be doing...

This week in Iowa is the 39th  Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa- or RAGBRAI (for short).  What this is - is exactly what it says.  It's a week long bike ride across the entire state of Iowa.  It's a HUGE bike ride across the state of Iowa!  10,000+ riders, riding their bikes- on the same route- AT THE SAME TIME-  across the state of Iowa.  Lots of people, lots of partying, and lots of food (that's where I come in).  My day job (the one that pays the bills) is for the State of Iowa as a Food Inspector.  I inspect restaurants, bars, grocery stores, county fairs, festivals- any place food is sold to the public- I check it out to make sure it is safe.  This is the job I have always wanted- it makes me happy!

It brings me Joy.

Webster's Dictionary defines Joy as:  the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires; a state of happiness.

Everyone needs to have joy in their life.  It doesn't have to come in a huge form- it doesn't have to knock you over with a big- "Hey! Here I am, here's your big bowl of sunshine today!"  
Joy- to me, comes in the little things- like my daughter coloring a picture for me and writing, "You're the best Mom ever" on it, or a phone call from I friend I haven't spoken to in a year, or finding a five dollar bill at the bottom of my purse!  
Joy is Happiness- big and small.
This week of RAGBRAI is not necessarily a joyous time for me- it's hot, crowded, smells bad, and quite honestly, I'm a mess by the end of the week.  But- it's part of my job- and my job makes me happy!

My other "job" is the Getting Cricky Design Team.  My term is coming to an end- and that does not make me feel joyous  *sad face* and you know what they say, "all good things must come to  an end" *sad face again*.  Kristal Andrew is amazing and she makes me happy *happy face*.  She is the reason that I am focused on the feeling of Joy today.

One of Kristal's favorite things is her bicycle that her boys gave her for Mother's day.
(photo borrowed from Kristal's Facebook page)
This picture is what I am going to think of this week when I am at work.  Do you see the look of pure Joy on her face!?!  That's what I'll be thinking of when I am dealing with this.....
AND This...
AND this......

Breakfast Burritos
Pork Chops
Pork Chops From a bus that looks like a PIG!
The Wlison Family from Ames, IA 2010
 OK- this one is pretty cool.  I actually saw them last year, and as they rode by- the cheers and applause from the crowd of people was amazing!  I was so happy to witness a moment like that! 
A moment of Joy.

In honor of Kristal and to kick start my RAGBRAI week, I made a project for the occasion.

It's a shaker card!  (Thanks for the inspiration and Tutorial Erika!)
The image was cut at 5" from Car Decals and the sentiment if from K Andrew Designs Food for Thought set.  All stamps are in stock again and ready to be shipped!!

A few challenges:
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I would love the hear what brings you Joy.
Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Julie this card is fabulous. I love the shaker in the wheels.
    The bike riding looks like a lot of work, hehehe, but so enjoyable. Have fun.
    I would be honored if you came to see my blog here

  2. I like this post! Just wanted to say so! It's one of the things that brought me joy today :) Thank you!

    Amy E.

  3. Julie
    Love your card, it is so cute and those wheels are awesome!

  4. Super cute card Julie,
    Love the shaker part.
    DIANA L.

  5. Ok Julie I got to say that this is the coolest shaker card ever!! I think it is so adorable and creative!! Thank you so much for joining my challenge!

    Lots of Love,

  6. What a cute card! I love your shaker wheels:-) Hopefully all will go well with the great bike event. Good luck!

  7. Sounds like you are going to have a fun week! I loved reading your story and I loved the card you made even more. Best of luck on a very busy week. Can't wait to hear about it.

  8. Such a fun card! Love the wheels! We are huge bike riders! Brings our family lots of joy to ride together!


  9. Julie your card is so adorable! I love that you made the wheels shakers :) You are one of the people that brings me joy today! Thank you!

  10. what a creative shaker card! i love that image you used. TFS!

  11. Wow! I looove the shaker wheels!

    Good luck on your ride, I can't wait to hear how it went!

    Hugs, Patricia

  12. Hi Julie!! I just recently got back to my blog, and saw your comment. It happened to bring me joy! (though not quite as much as crafting!) Can't wait to come and read all about your crafts! thanks for sharing ^_^

  13. This card is too cute! I've not ever made a shaker card, but this image on the bike brings back happy memories of JR.HIGH, when my bestie and I would ride all over our little town and never have to worry about a thing (did not even lock doors back then).

  14. Julie, aren't you the clever one. I love this card. I have been seeing a lot of Shaker cards floating aroung on the Blogs, but this is the cutest, most creative yet. May try my version of it. Love your post, sounds exciting and love the message.
    Dee B

  15. Your card is wonderful! I love the idea of 2 shakers on the same card. Very clever!


  16. Adorable Card. I love that cut!! Thanks for playing with us at Scrapbookaholic by Abby!!

    DT Ashley