Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When the Mice are Away.....

Hi Everyone!
I finally had a chance to sit down tonight and catch up on my blogging and see what everyone has been up to!
My sweet kitty Cleo likes to hang out with me when I'm at the computer.  I think she's a little sleepy tonight!  (These pictures were all taken within 1 minute!)
I'm sleepy.
I'm just gonna close my eyes for a......

I think she's got the right idea!


  1. That's a nice card. Oh, what?? It's not a card, it's a LO isn't it? HEHEHE! I was just thinking about you tonight! I was working on a post then I was going to come see what you have been up to but you beat me to it! Our minds are thinking alike :)
    Cleo has the right idea! I wish I could fall aspleep that easily!

  2. Your cat is adorable! My cat likes to sit on my paper if I leave it on the floor. :) I have an award for you on my blog.


  3. Julie, everytime I read your posts, I get goose bumps. It seems I'm reading about my life but someone else is writing it...the girls, the cats and a The cats doing crazy things like when you are trying to craft...teeeheee, what fun. I will post some pics of my crafty
    Have a great day! Can't wait for this weekend.

  4. She's so cute lol I have an award for you on my blog.


  5. The Kitty is so cute but so is the card. Great Job. Love the card. I have made a new one also using her stamps.
    Take a look if you get a chance.....

  6. Julie, I am sorry thanks for the comment that you made......Love Kristals stamps and my Loralie items.
    Have a great blog hop ... I am having a family reunion...

  7. OMGoodness... LOL... How funny to see that your cat does this too!! Does Cleo like to add things to your posts too??? LOL... Love it!! :)

    Your GCDT Sister,
    Amy :) at