Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fabulous Friends

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Hi Everyone!  As you all know- I am on the Getting Cricky with K Andrew's design team and I am so excited about her new venture! This super sweet lady has designed some fabulous new stamp sets!  Kristal is taking pre-orders for all of her sets right now and you can see them all under the products tab on her blog or by clicking {HERE}. Because Kristal is so generous she is not only giving you FREE SHIPPING on all pre-orders she is donating $1 of her profits to a charity. I will  be doing a preview of the new stamp sets for the next couple of days.   Now, let's look at the first of Kristal's new sets.....

Fabulous Friends by K Andrew's Designs

  Kristal will be donating $1 from the sale of this set to Cancer Angels. Kristal has done a lot of research about each of the causes she will be donating to in order to make sure the money will actually be going to help the people it needs to help. Here is a little information about Cancer Angels.

Taken from Kristal's Blog:
Cancer Angels is a non-profit organization that helps aid Level 4 cancer patients of ALL kinds. Many of these patients have such severe cancer and chemo that working or holding down a job is near impossible. Cancer angels gives them hope and monetary help while undergoing treatment in this stage. Imagine finding out you have cancer, and losing your job, home, and everything else because you can't work. Sometimes you just need an angel...and this is my way of becoming a silent angel (all of us together) to those who so desperately need some good news in the midst of such a storm.

Thanks for stopping by- Now go check out those stamps!